Friday, May 8, 2015

24 hour getaway

Wednesday afternoon Dan and I loaded up our bags and headed out of town.  Well, actually out of state.  Ha!  We went to Spokane Washington, which is only a 2 hour drive this time of year.  He had an appointment over there and I'm all for a quick trip out of town.

Dan booked us a room at the Davenport Hotel, which is one of our favorite hotels over in that area.  It's in my favorite part of the city and the hotel has so much history and old architecture which I love.

This is the original hotel, and isn't it pretty!  We stayed in the Tower this time which is right across the street.  We love both buildings, for different reasons.  The original hotel is very quiet and eloquent.  The tower on the other hand is lively!  They have a happy hour and just an overall fun atmosphere.  Not to mention the funky decor.  Haha!

Exhibit A... The elevators
Hahaha!  Leopard print is BIG in this hotel!  I made Dan stand still so I could get his picture. Lol
Again the leopard print...
Before we got ready for dinner, we stopped in the lounge for happy hour and ordered an appetizer. Most of the seating in the lounge was leopard print as well.  Along with Safari animals mounted on the walls.  Haha!  So very different from the older building. 
I have been hearing about fried okra over the last couple of years from some of the southern blogs that I read, but I've never tried it or even seen it cooked up before.  So that's what we tried.  It was... fine.  It didn't really have a flavor.  They brought out a container of ranch dressing to dip it in, but the ranch was the only thing with flavor.  It just wasn't quiet like I was expecting.  I told Dan if we make it down South one day, we'll have to see how they cook it.

After happy hour we got all dressed up and walked over to dinner.  My Uncle lives in Spokane and I'd asked him for recommendations for a good steak and seafood restaurant.  I also specified that I wanted it to be somewhere a little fancier so we could dress up.  We never get to dress up and I thought it would just be fun! 

I stopped the first group of people we came across on the sidewalk and asked them to take our picture.  They took the first picture and then the sweet lady asked if she could hold my purse so we could get more of a posed shot.  
I must not be from the city because I gladly handed over my bag and posed.  I'm sure Dan was thinking the whole time, "You can't just give your purse to a stranger!"  Haha! 
It was a short walk from our hotel, like half a block.  Perfect! 

 I am so thankful for this man, and the many ways that he spoils me!
I tried to take pictures of our food, but the pictures didn't do it justice.  It was probably the best steak that I have EVER had!  Sooo good!!!  Now it was definitely a pricey restaurant and one that we won't eat at often because of that, but if you feel like splurging a bit and happen to be in Spokane get dressed up and go have a steak at Churchill's

We left the next afternoon, and were back home in time to get the kids off the bus.  It was the perfect little 24 hour getaway. 


  1. You are gorgeous! Isn't it nice to have a little husband and wife time? We just went to a marriage conference and it was wonderful.

  2. What a fun trip! And those leopard chairs!!!! I need one ASAP. A girlfriend is getting married there in December actually.