Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our Favorite Gluton Free Products

Since going gluten free, I have heard different ways that gluten effects people and it's just astonishing to me.  My daughter was having stomach aches every single night.  We tried cutting out dairy, we made lists of what she was eating and could never narrow down what was the matter.  We even thought maybe it was just stress.  My Dad ended up buying a book and started telling me about the different ways that gluten can effect people.  Instantly I thought, if it works I'll try it and I'm so glad that we did.

Here is a small list of some of the effects that gluten seemed to be having on some of my friends and family until they changed to a gluten free diet.
  • Repetitive stomach aches
  • Chronic back pain and inflamed joints
  • Inflamed hair follicles
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
Just to be clear, I'm not a medical professional and I'm not claiming that eating gluten free will cure you of any of these symptoms or anything for that matter.  For some of my friends & family though, we have seen these symptoms become a thing of the past or until we indulge in gluten again.  ;)

I thought today I would share some of our favorite gluten free products that we've run across.  Our family has been transitioning over to gluten free for the last couple of months.  At first I was so nervous, and thought, "How are we going to do this?  We're all going to starve."   But have no fears, it's easier than you think.

Going gluten free really isn't the end of the world and here are a few things that we've tried and love!

1. Flour
Namaste flour is the only gluten free flour that I've tried.  I like it, so why keep looking, right!?  You can find this at Costco.  We make cookies fairly regularly, and this is what we use.  It says to use it cup for cup like you would any other flour.  I probably use just a little less of this than I would regular flour, as I've noticed it seems to make the cookies rise a bit more.  I like my cookies less fluffy and more flat and chewy.  So if you're supposed to use 2 1/2 cups I might end up using 2 1/4 cups instead.  I've also used this flour when making chicken fried steak and you couldn't even tell that it wasn't the regular flour I used to use.

2. Pasta
We buy Barilla pasta.  I found it at our local grocery store.  I heard good things about it, tried it and loved it.  We can't even tell that this pasta is gluten free, which is the way I want it.  So... I still make pasta dishes, I just use this brand of pasta instead.

 3. Bread
We buy 2 different kinds of bread.  We buy Franz for sandwiches as it's the best bread we've found that's fresh.  Since gluten free bread is more expensive, I've just been letting Gracie eat this bread and having the rest of us, eat regular bread.  Gasp!  It really effects her, but the rest of us are okay to eat regular bread, especially since it's not very often.

Udi's bread we buy from Costco in the frozen section and I like to keep it frozen in our freezer at home and just take out a couple of pieces when the kids want toast.  It lasts longer that way, and we seem to go through more toast these days instead of sandwiches.  All of us use this bread for toast and again, it tastes good.  I just use a butter knife to separate the bread since it's frozen.  No need to thaw it out.  It works good... just takes a couple of seconds longer to toast it.

4. Pancake Mix
We have went through a few boxes of this Betty Crocker Bisquick mix and we all love it.  I haven't tried making home made pancakes from scratch yet, but until I do, this is what we buy.

5. Crackers/Snacks
These rice chips with sea salt are my favorite.  We bought these before we went gluten free.  My only wish is that Costco sold them in a large bag.   Also this Glutino brand is really good.  We like the pretzels and they also have a thicker cracker like crouton that works good to break up and put in salads. 

Gluten free products seem to be becoming more and more popular.  Every time I go to Costco, they seem to have another product that they didn't the time before.  One day when we stopped in, they had a whole section out in the middle of the floor with just their gluten free products.  Thank you Costco!

Being gluten free is still pretty new to us, but it's something that we are in for the long haul at this point.

Have you all tried or heard about any gluten free products that you or someone else loves?   I would love to expand my horizons.

Hope you all are having a great week!


  1. I really like the rice chips and rice crackers. I found that the Udis bread went bad really quickly, so stopped buying it. Glad you're doing well with gluten free!

  2. I have a brother and sister that don't eat gluten and it has helped them feel so much better!

  3. That is a lot like our list. Costco actually had the Barilla pasta last time we were there. We really like Tinkyada, but it's so pircey!

  4. gahh gluten! I try to just eat fresher things like salads and meats so that I can just avoid gluten all together. I just recently started reacting to some gluten products and I'm sad because I loveeeee bread!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  5. We started the gluten-free journey about 2 or 3 years ago, and are so thankful we found out what was causing major problems for some of our family members. What a difference! I have tried to share on my blog about some of our favorite products, foods, and some recipes we've come up with. Maybe you'd find some of those posts helpful. :)

  6. I have a sensitivity to wheat but not enough to remove all gluten from my diet. However, I tend to go with gluten-free pastas so I don't suffer later on.

    Thanks for sharing this list of your favourite products (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  7. Wow! So many awesome products! I'm trying to at least back off on the amount of our gluten intake. I use quinoa a lot and avoid bread like crazy. I want to try the gluten free pasta. I just never make pasta to avoid but Kevin would probably appreciate it if I made some...I just won't tell him it's gluten free...haha!