Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Friday again and that means I'm sharing some more of my Friday Favorites!
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My husband has been on a roll lately.  For Mother's Day he built me some shelves that I'd been wanting for my side of the garage.  Isn't that what everyone asked for, for Mother's Day?  Haha.  But seriously, it was the only thing I wanted.  It makes me feel so much better when everything has a "home".  We just had so many random things, and no real spot to put them.  Now I do.  :)

A couple nights ago when Dan got home, he headed back out to the garage and built me a bench.  Sweet!  So now I'm trying to decide where I want it.  Inside, or outside, paint it or stain it... so many options.
Like I said he's on a roll.  I guess I better get on Pinterest and find some more ideas.  No sense in stopping him now, right?!  ;)

This has been my favorite place to hang out with the weather being so nice.  Either in the afternoon once the kids get home from school or in the evening after dinner.  So peaceful!  Eventually I'll get some furniture for the back deck, but until then, I love my Tommy Bahama chairs.  Keeping it simple.  ;)

We got Jesse's Seahawk Fathead's put up last week.  His room is very close to being done.  I just need to order curtains and repaint his dresser.  Here is a little sneak peak.  This wall is actually grey.  Like you see on the bottom of the picture.  The lighting was really weird and makes this picture look like there are lots of different colors on the wall, which isn't the case.  Just grey.  A couple of the other walls are blue.  As soon as it's done.  I'll post pictures of the whole room, with better lighting and my camera instead of my phone.

Our camper is all cleaned out and ready to go.  Well, except I have to make a quick trip to get grocery's.  I can't wait to head to the river, put my feet up and relax.  Life gets so busy and it's so nice to be able to step away for the weekend and just hang out with the family.

What are your plans for the weekend?  Anything exciting?

I hope you all have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Wow! Dan is awesome and needs to teach my hubby how to build things like that! :) Your place to hang out looks so nice and peaceful...and beautiful! Kevin is obsessed with Fatheads. He has a big Nelson Cruz one in his man cave and recently bought a Texas Rangers Mickey Mouse one for our nephew. Have fun at the river! We're thinking about getting a camper too :)

  2. Seriously, if he is willing to build me a dining room table I will pay him, haha! The man really does have talent.

    Have fun at the lake!!

  3. I've spent my weekend messing about with farm stuff and trying to keep warm. Thank God for wood fires after a day in chilly air!