Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Break Part 2

I think it was Saturday that the boys went out to hit some balls off of the driving range for a bit.
For some reason, I've never taken a 3 generation picture of them before, so I made them stand still for one before they could leave.  Someday they will be glad that they did. 

Jesse wasn't too impressed to be sitting for a picture. 

That night we went out to eat at one of the golf courses.  Here is a picture of Dan's parents.

Gracie and Jesse weren't as interested in getting their picture taken, so I guess we just got Emma in, as she snuck in the picture with us.  :)

Easter morning, I was setting the camera up to take our family picture and I had asked Dan to stand there so I had something to focus on and it worked out that both girls wondered into the couple of test shots that I took.  Score!  :)

This is our Easter picture.  It is NEVER perfect, but... it's a picture.  This was our 3rd and final attempt at getting a decent one.  Roger wasn't feeling good that morning so he didn't make it in the picture.  As for Jesse and Emma, I don't know what kind of family picture they had in mind.  Oh well.

Roger was feeling better just after the picture, (wonder if that was a coincident) hmm?!  ;)
Anyway, we went to their church for the morning service.  It was the first mega church that I've ever been to.  There were so many people that the parking lot was filled by the time we got there and they were directing people to park out in this grassy area.

When we got back from church, the kids found that there was a second egg hunt at the house.  Where better to search for eggs than in the swimming pool.  All the eggs sunk to the bottom and the kids had to dive for them.  They were so excited, I'm sure the neighbors heard their squeals and screams.

The kids swam almost non-stop the whole time we were down there.  But half way through our last day there, they did take a little break and hung out inside for a bit.

I think they were getting tired.

I took this picture of Emma the day after we got home.  She came home from school and was out.  I think we all feel this way.  :)

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