Friday, April 4, 2014


Yesterday I caught Ruby and Tequila and we got them saddled up and rode around near the house.  Ruby is still pretty green, so I was a little nervous on how she would behave, but she actually did really good.  She seems to be where we left off from this fall.  

I don't think she enjoys getting her picture taken though, as she turned her head in this one.

Stuck her tongue out at me in this one.

And looks like she's so bored in this one that she might just nap.  ;)

Emma stopped over when we were finishing up, and I threw her up on Tequila and led her around the corral a couple of times.  That was enough for her and then we headed home to make dinner.

Baseball practice starts next week, so this weekend I need to get the house and car ready for us to be on the go.  Life is about to get busy again!  :)

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