Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cowboy up!

   On Saturday, Mom and I and a bunch of other local people went horseback riding.  We started a couple miles down the road and rode down to Trout Creek.  So it was probably a good 10 mile ride.  We rode in the ditch a lot and when there wasn't any traffic sometimes we rode up on the highway.  

  When we got down to Trout Creek we stopped in and had dinner.  Dad met us down there with the horse trailer so when we were done with dinner we were ready to head home.  It was pretty cold, but we wore lots of layers so it wasn't too bad.  

  Dad tried taking a couple pictures of Mom and I with his phone.  It was so funny just trying to get a good shot while he tried to figure out what he was doing and how to get the flash to work, while we tried to keep from laughing.  

  I took Lucy into get groomed on Tuesday and boy was she wiped out by the time I picked her up.  She definitely has some anxiety when she's not in her comfort zone.  She's just a big baby!  :)

  She could have sat in the seat and looked out the window like she did on the way to town, but she was too wiped out to care.  So she just sat on the floor with her head on the seat giving me this pathetic look.  Poor girl!  :(  

  Saturday is the Seahawk game...  we are sure hoping that they can win and keep going.  Come on Seahawks!!!

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