Monday, August 6, 2012

Four Lakes

I guess it's called Four Lakes, but we actually ended up seeing 5 different lakes on our hike last weekend. 
 Me, Mom & Lindy
 Cabin Lake

 Austin Fishing...  he caught a couple little fish that he would have had to throw back if they wouldn't have jumped off the line before he could do it!  :)
 I think this was the 3rd lake we saw.
 In this picture above we could see our town in the valley below us.
 And this was the last lake that we saw.  I think they said it was called Duck Lake.  We tied the horses off a couple hundred yards down the trail, as the trail gets very narrow and there isn't anywhere to turn around.  So we walked up and isn't this a gorgeous view! 

Here we are for one more shot up on Duck Lake. 

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