Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Goals

 Happy December, you guys!
This month is filled with so many fun things.  I can't wait to enjoy it all.

Today, I'm sharing my December goals, and recapping last months as well.

Here were my goals from last month. 

 Walk at least 4 days a week. 

I'm embarrassed to say, I didn't do great on this one again this month.  :(  But the positive thing is, I am determined to make it happen, because I refuse to say I failed again for another month on my goals.  So be ready for an A on my next report card.  ;)

Finish most, if not all of my Christmas shopping.

I can say that I am mostly done.  I have a couple things left to get for my kids, and something for Dan, but otherwise I think I am done.  I left a few things on my list, for when I meet up with the girls to go shopping in a week.

Read 3 books this month.

 I did it.  I read, A Most Inconvenient Marriage, Where She Belongs & The Captive Heart.


Plan more family game nights.

 We've played a lot of cards lately with the kids, and we're getting ready to start on a new puzzle.  So I feel like we did good with this one.

Here are my December Goals.

 Walk or ride my stationary bike.

If you read the beginning of this post, nothing else needs to be said.  I'm doing this!

Finish shopping and wrap up all of the gifts.

I love wrapping up all of the gifts while watching a Christmas movie.  So my motivation to finish my shopping is, I refuse to let myself wrap until I'm all done shopping.

Bake Christmas goodies with the kids.

So this might seem like an easy goal to some, but honestly, baking is not my thing.  Especially baking with kids, or anybody else for that matter.  Baking is messy, time consuming, and not at all relaxing to me.  BUT... I want to be able to do this for and with my kids.  So I'm going to pour myself a glass of wine or two, put on a smile and plan to make a mess out of my kitchen and bake yummy holiday goodies with my kids.

Watch as many Christmas movies as we can.

One of our favorite things to do in December is to pull out all the Christmas movies and enjoy our evenings watching them.  The older my kids get, the less they are home in the evenings because of practice schedules, but I'm determined to carve out as much time as we can to sit and watch our favorite Christmas movies together.

Enjoy the month.

Each month seems to fly by faster than the last.  I am determined to soak up everything about this month, and enjoy it for all it's worth, because before I know it I'll be posting January goals.

I hope your December is all you hope it to be.



  1. Lol re the baking and the exercising!! Good for you friend! Happy December

  2. We love watching ALL the Christmas movies we can. I didn't get ALL the christmas shopping I wanted done in November so I am finishing that up and then conquering the wrapping too! Have a great day! xoxo ERIN

  3. What a great mom to bake with your kids even though it's not your favorite! I'm loving all of the Christmas movies too!

    1. Only 20 days until Christmas. So much to do, I'm starting to panic just a bit. ;)

  4. You know I love the fitness and baking goals!!! You can do it girl!