Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

I'm a week behind on this, but I was too busy last week, and honestly... it's hard to write about my month when it's not quite over.  So today I'm sharing my What's Up Wednesday.

What we're eating this week

Beef stew

What I'm reminiscing about

The warm weather.  I know I said I wouldn't whine about being cold... well I lied.  I'm whining!
We were just down here.

Now we're back here.

Both gorgeous, one a lot warmer than the other.  ;)

What I'm loving

 I'm loving that we had the chance to get away for a bit as a family.  I think it's good for us to step away from our busy schedules every once in a while, and make time to hang out with each other without all of life's interruptions.

What we've been up to

 We spent a couple of days in the LA area, and then we headed over by Palm Springs and spent Thanksgiving week with Dan's parents.

Also I should mention, Gracie decided to play basketball, Jesse's in basketball, and then Jesse and Emma are planning to join the bowling league again.  I planned on a quiet winter since the kids didn't have a lot planned.  Well they changed their mind, and it's not looking to be quiet anymore!

What I'm dreading

 Nothing that I can think of, except more of this cold weather.  Haha!  And maybe all the running around that the kids sports will require.  But I also know that they are both (the cold weather & the kids schedules) just a passing season.  So as much as I might whine, I am going to try and embrace this season the best that I can.

What I'm working on

 All things Christmas.  I was about halfway done with my shopping, and then I accidentally dropped my phone in the toilet while cleaning the bathroom one day.  Well, my list was in my notes, in my phone.  So that's gone.  Ugh!  Now I've been trying to remember what I've bought, and what I still needed to get.  I'm lost I tell ya!

What I'm excited about

 The month of December.  I know I said it last month, but I'm ready to be home wrapping presents, watching Christmas movies, and all the fun things that December brings.

Also, I have a couple of overnight trips coming up this next month.  Dan has a board meeting he needs to attend, plus a holiday party.   Then the following night, all the women in my family will meet up for our annual Christmas shopping trip.

What I'm watching/reading

 Dan and I started watching the new MacGyver.  I watched the first couple episodes.  It's fun, but I prefer the original show.  I did start watching Chicago Med, which I've liked.

As for reading, I'm in the 9th week of the Daniel Bible study.  We are studying end time events and such, so it's pretty deep right now, but I'm really enjoying it.  It's unlike any other study I've done before, because of how intense it is.

I just finished reading, Where She Belongs, which I thought was good.

Right now I'm in the middle of The Captive Heart and it's FUN!  This is one of the first books in a long time that makes me laugh.  It has some of that awkward humor, that I love.  The male character is supposed to come off as very rough and a bit frightening, but I love him... he just makes me laugh.

What I'm listening to

In the car I'm usually listening to the Message.  At home, when it's just me, I don't usually turn anything on.  I love my house quiet.  I'm okay with just the sound of the laundry running, the fan on the fireplace blowing, the train going by... all the little noises in life are enough for me.

What I'm wearing

Layers, more layers, vests and boots.

Someday when I can figure out how to take better selfies I'll try and show what I like to wear.  But seriously, am I the only one who can't take a good picture of themselves?

What I'm doing this weekend

 Running... Gracie has basketball games Friday and Saturday and Jesse has a game on Saturday as well.  I teach Sunday school & then we have church on Sunday.  Thrown in some laundry, tidying up the house and that's our weekend for ya.

What I'm looking forward to next month

 Christmas is fun and all, but I think I love the days leading up to it even more than I actually love the day itself... if not it's a close second.  ;)

What else is new

These white trees.  I bought them at Costco a couple months ago, and I love them.  They are battery operated, so there are no cords, and the kids love when I turn them on and they light up with color.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and that you're enjoying your week!  I'm hoping to recap our trip soon.  It just seems like when you are gone for a week, it takes at least that much time trying to regroup and get caught back up and into a routine again.  I feel like I'm almost there.



  1. Those snow covered trees are gorgeous!!! I also love the light up trees! So fun!

  2. So I am adding your two book recommendations to my list...they look like my cup of tea!

  3. I wonder if you had your phone backed up to ICloud, if so, you should be able to recover everything on it. I well remember those days of running kids here and there and it is just for a season. (thank goodness) It makes me tired just thinking about it now. :o)) Happy Cmas season!!!

  4. Can I first just say that I love that your kids are in a bowling league. That is awesome! And while you're dreading the cold I'm over here doing a snow dance because we actually got snow in December, which never happens!