Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

This link up was for last week, but again I decided not to post this until the end of the month.  I just can't do a month review without finishing most of the month.  I mean how can I not include Christmas in my What's Up Wednesday for the month of December?!

What we're eating this week

Turkey breast & mashed potatoes

Cheesy chicken enchiladas & Spanish rice

Ham & bean soup


What I'm reminiscing about

Nothing.  I'm actually looking forward to the start of the new year.

What I'm loving

So I will tell you over and over, that I hate to be cold, but I'm actually loving all this snow. As long as it's cleared off the roads that is.  If we are going to have a cold and dark winter, we might as well have some pretty snow to look at and play in.

What we've been up to

 Christmas prep.

Basketball games.

A Christmas concert.

A school play.  (Jesse's the boy in back with the white beard.)

What I'm dreading


What I'm working on

Getting over a stupid cold, reorganizing my house, and blog posts.  I'm trying to get a few new ideas going for this next year.

What I'm excited about

 I'm excited for the new year.  Besides Summer and Christmas, I LOVE January!  The craziness of the holidays is over, and there isn't any big thing planned within sight, besides the usual.

What I'm watching/reading

 We have watched a bunch of Christmas movies and tons of Hallmark shows.

I just finished reading, The Innkeeper Of Ivy Hill.  I'm hoping to have my review up soon.  It's a huge book.  I had no idea that it was so big when I agreed to read and review it. 

What I'm listening to

 I've been listening to Christmas music this whole month, but the day after Christmas... I'm done.  I just can't listen to it after the 25th.  So I'm back to praise music, with a bit of country mixed in.

 What I'm wearing

Coats, snow boots, scarves... the whole works.

What I'm doing this weekend

 Celebrating the New Year with family and friends!  I'm still regrouping from Christmas.  It's hard getting all geared up for another big weekend already... but ready or not, I'm sure everyone will be headed this way!  :)

What I'm looking forward to next month

Everything.  I love the fresh start of a new month and a new year!  I've got my new planner and I'm telling you, the start of the year feels all new and exciting.

I went with the Simplified Planner again this year, and I'm excited to start using it.
2017 Calendar Daily Simplified Planner, Fuchsia Dot

What else is new

Nothing, which is quite refreshing!  :)

Are you getting excited for a fresh start this January?

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