Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Goals

Last month was the first time that I posted my monthly goals.  I feel like I did okay, but not great.  Here's last months goals, and how I did.

Buy Christmas gifts for at least 3 people on my list.

I have been busy ordering Christmas gifts.  I feel like I might be almost halfway done with my shopping, which feels great!  I ended up getting more than 3 people crossed off my list.

Clean out and reorganize my storage room.

 Last week I was bummed because I hadn't even started on this room yet, and wasn't sure I'd get it done before the end of the month.  Well, a couple days ago I got a bit of motivation and went upstairs and finished the whole room.  It feels soooo good to have that room organized again, especially before the holidays.

Read 3 books.

I read 3 books like I wanted to for the month of October.  Having time to read on the airplane helped with that goal.  I'm hoping to share what I've been reading soon.

Walk at least 4 days a week.

 I started the month out by walking quite a bit. Walking all over New Orleans was helpful, but then we came back home and it has rained the entire month, except for maybe 2 days.  I've heard that it hasn't rained this much in an October in our area in 100 years.  Walking through the mud isn't exactly what I was thinking.  So I'm blaming this one on the weather.  ;)

Be more consistent on meal planning.

 My meal planning was a little better this month, but still not where I want to be.  I'm still hoping to improve next month.

Okay, so here's my goals for November...

Walk at least 4 days a week.

I'm keeping this goal because I need to be walking.  At least until it snows, and then I may have to just ride my stationary bike... but regardless, I need the cardio.

Finish most, if not all of my Christmas shopping.

 Once December rolls around, I want to start baking, wrapping presents, and hopefully just enjoying the month.  So my plan is to have most, if not all of my Christmas shopping done by the end of November.  We'll see.

Read 3 books this month.

I really enjoyed pushing myself to make more time to read, so I'm repeating this goal again this month.

Plan more family game nights.

I really want to be more intentional about planning family game/movie nights.  I think I'm going to find a day each week, and designate it as such.  I think it's just as important for the kids, as it is for Dan and I, that I plan this.  Our kids are growing up so fast, and it's just good for all of us to sit around the table and have fun, or watch a movie and laugh together.

I guess that's all I've got for this month... but between walking, reading 3 books, family game nights and finishing my Christmas shopping, I think I'll be busy.  ;)

Happy November, friends!



  1. Love your goals! I need to start making lists of my goals (I love lists!) to hold myself more accountable. Love the more family game nights :)


    1. Thanks! I just started posting my goals last month, but I really like it. It definitely helps hold me more accountable.

  2. We love family game nights and the kids love it too! Good job with Christmas shopping. I've started but honestly, part of me doesn't want to get too much because I get really antsy about giving them to the person. I hate holding onto them for so long! It's also why I'm not good at surprises! haha.

  3. Wonderful goals-- and finishing all your shopping!!? #superstar

  4. All great goals! I hope you're able to stick to the walking, obviously. Family game nights are so much fun! I'd love to do them more, but A just likes to make up her own rules at this age, haha!