Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend

Today is the last day of Spring break for the kids, and I don't think any of us are ready for it to end.  I'm reminding myself that we only have one more quarter left of school and then we'll be out for the summer.  I don't think the kids and I could be more ready.  Hurry up summer!

This weekend, was packed with friends and family.  Friday evening my sister and her family came over for dinner.  While we waited for dinner to be ready, my sister started showing Emma how to sew.  They got a couple curtains knocked out for a little fort the kids have been playing in outside.  And then they started on pillows.  Aunts are the best, because she wouldn't be learning it from me.  I am awful at sewing.

Saturday evening we met up at my sisters house with a couple of friends and their families for a BBQ.  Such a fun way to kick off the start of Spring.
 5 out of the 8 of us, is either turning 40 this year, or just has in the last couple of months.  Melissa surprised John with the news that we all booked tickets to Vegas next month, which happens to be when he turns 40.

We ended the night off by watching, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, while the boys played cards, and the children ran around in the dark playing Cougar Cougar.

Sunday we made it into town for Sunday school and church.  We didn't get a picture this year... I think we were all a bit tired from the night before, and nobody was in a super good mood, so I let it go.  Some days, you just have to let it go, right?! 

I took this picture after church and after they'd already changed into their comfy clothes.
I almost didn't do anything for Easter, because I felt like my kids are getting too big.  But then I remembered Emma is only 8, and that I have to keep going.  She just seems older than she is, because she's always around the older kids.  I guess that's what happens to the youngest child, they grow up quicker.  :(

Every year our family plays the egg toss game.  You start off by throwing the egg to your partner and after you've both thrown it once, everyone takes a step back.  You keep getting farther and farther away until somebody's egg breaks.  I think this game is a favorite with everyone.

Poor Benjamin... the egg broke all over him.  Emma's expression in the background cracks me up!

So many laughs!

Emma and Haley were our 2016 Egg toss winners!
Such a fun and full weekend, and now today it's time to make sure laundry is all caught up and that backpacks and outfits are ready for tomorrow.  Our next break will be Summer break!  Wahoo!  :)


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  1. What a fun weekend - love the egg toss game!! And Vegas - so fun!! That will be a great time with friends!!