Monday, October 12, 2015

Life Lately

Life has been busy and a tad all over the place lately.  I didn't mean to ignore the blog, it just kind of happened. 

Dan and I caught the kids cold, which kinda knocked us on our butts.  There were a couple of days where we just went into survival mode and only got done what we had to.  After that, I felt a bit behind and had been playing catch up.

This morning I feel like I may be coming down with another cold.  Boo!  So this morning, I've worked on trying to get as much checked off of my list as possible.  I've washed our bedding, and am working on finishing up the laundry.  I did my daily devotional and homework for my bible study. I've made a big pot of chili, so that I don't have to make dinner again for another couple of days.  What an awesome feeling that is!  

Later, I'm hoping to pay bills, and do a bit of organizing around the house.  Then tomorrow if I feel fine, I'm hoping to spend the day giving the house a good deep cleaning.  I'm also hoping to be back tomorrow to share the last couple days of our trip.  If it's not tomorrow, it will be soon.  I need to finish writing about it, before I forget it.  ;)

I'll be back soon! 


  1. Being sick is not fun as an adult or a mom! I hope you get feeling better!

  2. Oh no! You better be using your oils lady! Get Thieves diffusing and rub it all over the bottoms of your feet! You can even make a Thieves tea with honey and lemon. The hubs likes that a lot.