Tuesday, October 20, 2015

33 Things about myself

Today I thought I'd share 33 random things about myself, now that I am of the ripe old age of 33.  If you've ever wanted to know more about me, here's your chance.  If you didn't want to know more about me, well then today's not your day.  ;) 

1.  Getting my socks wet makes me crabby.  It's one of my biggest pet peeves.

2.  I'm not a strong coffee drinker and I need lots of flavored creamer. 

3.  I dream of becoming a Christian fiction author.  I don't ever see it happening, but a girl needs
     a dream right?!

4.  Hawaii is my favorite place to visit.

5.  I hate being cold.  Hate it!!!  I ache all over when I'm cold... I'm such an old lady!  ;)

6.  My favorite part of watching football is the food. 

7.  I could drink iced tea all day long... every single day.  But only fresh tea, not the bottled kind.  

8.  I can watch, 'You've Got Mail' over and over and over.  It's a classic.

9.  Some days,  I wish we'd have had at least 1 more kid.  

10.  I am a middle child.  I have an older brother, an older sister and a little sister. 

11.  I am so ticklish that I could tickle my own feet.  Getting a pedicure is torture, but one I
       subject myself to anyways.

12.  I like to cook (most days) but I don't enjoy baking at all.

13.  I got baptized and asked Jesus into my heart when I was 10.

14.  When I'm tired or stressed, I take both hands and start rubbing my face.  It's genetic.  ;)

15.  Some days, I miss my kids being little.  But other days, I'm glad they are getting older.

16.  Good food is one of my love languages.

17.  I worry about what kind of a job I'll get someday when my kids are all old enough that I don't
       have to stay at home.  I've been a stay at home mom/ housewife since I was 19.  It's what I

18.  I love to read.  My favorite book is 'Redeeming Love', by Francine Rivers.  The 'Mark of the
       Lion' series by Francine Rivers is my favorite series.

19.  Some days my eyes look blue and other days they look green.

20.  I've always wanted to adopt.

21.  I love fish, but I don't like seafood.  No crab, shrimp, or lobster for this girl.  I really want to
       like it.  I'm hoping to train myself to like it someday.

22.  Dan and I got engaged after dating for 4 months... I know!!!  Eek!  I can't imagine I'd handle
       it as well as my parents did, if my kids were to follow in our footsteps.  But we've made it 14
       years so far. 

23.  I am as blind as a bat.  Without contacts or glasses, I am completely helpless. 

24.  I'm also hard of hearing and I have been ever since I can remember.  It's also genetic... but
       lately it seems to be worse.  Dan goes back and forth between laughing at me saying,
      "what?" all the time, and being frustrated when I'm thinking he said one thing when he said
       something completely different.  See #17  ;)

25.  The ocean is my happy place.

26.  One of my favorite parts in the bible, is in the end of Job, around chapter 38.  I love reading
       where God is talking to Job and his friends and questioning them.  It's intense but somewhat
       comforting as well.  If you've never read it... read it!!! 

27.  Most days I'd pick something salty to eat over something sweet.

28.  I love horseback riding, but even after all this time, I still get a bit nervous.  Not of the horse
       but of getting hurt.

29.  As much as I whine occasionally about living so far from good restaurants or shopping, I'm a
       country girl through and through.  I wouldn't survive living in the city, but it might make for
       some good blogging.  Haha! 

30.  I am awful at math.  Thank goodness for calculators.

31.  I would love to take a writing class someday.  If you read here often, I'm sure you
       understand why.  Haha!  ;)

32.  I love my husband and my kids and can't imagine my life without them.  They're my people.

33.  I am a true believer that less is more.  Too much stuff in our home and in our lives, makes
       me a little crazy. 

Whew!  I can't believe I was actually able to come up with 33 things.  If you stayed through to the end... bless you!  Well now that you know so much about me, tell me something about you!  :)


  1. Love your dream job! And Hawaii is so amazing, my husband and I have been talking about when we can try to get back there asap. Love cooking too but I do love baking also!

  2. Love this Jenny! You know it's not too late for another baby. ;)
    And we would make a good team; you like to cook and I love to bake!

  3. so fun! Tickling your own feet is funny! I can't imagine!

  4. I got engaged after 3 months of dating my husband! Haha I love learning all of these things about you!

  5. jenny! i stumbled upon your blog for the first time today, and what a perfect day to do so! it was so nice to learn a few things about you and get a glimpse into your world! ps i loved reading about your favorite part of the bible-i will definitely have to check that out! thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks Kendra! I'm glad you stopped by. I'm excited for you to check out that scripture. I love reading where God speaks. It's so powerful!

  6. I too love iced tea (real not powdered lemon gross tea they drink in Canada), Hawaii, reading, hate wet socks, especially right after I put them on, and love the movie You've Got Mail!

  7. Yes! You should become a Christian fiction author! I'll read your books :) Same here with the iced tea. #13...woo hoo!!! Best decision ever. Redeeming Love is my favorite too. I was JUST telling my coworker that she needs to read it. #20 - we need to talk :) Seriously. Do it! I'm also have bad hearing. Some days I think I need to get it checked out. We're really similar, friend. Except that I do like math and don't like horses :-p