Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our Weekend

When we woke up Saturday morning, Dan decided that we should all head over to Spokane to do some back to school shopping.  He didn't have to twist my arm.  ;)

Gracie's been wanting a pair of white pants for the last year.  I kept putting her off because really who can wear white pants and keep them clean?!  But whatever... she is now a proud owner of white jeans.  This was also a proud moment because she is such a tiny thing, and pants never fit.  Well... Sister must be growing, because we found these in the women's section at Gap, and they fit.

Dan was paying for shoes at this store, so the kids waited for him while testing out clubs.  They need lessons.  Dan wants to teach them how to golf, but is usually too busy.  I want to teach them, but I need lessons myself.  Ha!  Someday!  

Emma didn't seem as interested in the golf clubs, but she thought the golf club head protector thing was cute.  Ha!  

After shopping, we headed out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Dan and a couple of the kids had never been there before.  

We all played a music trivia game and Emma smoked all of us.  She had no idea what she was choosing, but I guess her guessing skills are top notch. 

We still have 4 weeks before school starts.  Crazy!  This is the latest that I ever remember them starting.  Instead of waiting for the last minute to get all of our stuff together for school, we're trying to do a little at a time, so we don't break the bank all in one outing.  Back to school shopping is expensive.


  1. Fun family day! We started school yesterday - enjoy your last month!

    1. Thanks! I feel like we should be getting ready to go back any day, so it's weird knowing we have a whole month left. But I'm not going to complain! ;)