Tuesday, August 25, 2015

5 Tips To Blogging

Today I'm sharing 5 Things that I've learned about blogging.   These are all just my opinions or observations.  You may disagree with all of them, and if it's working for you, then continue on.  But for new bloggers who are looking for some insight, this would be my helpful 5 tips.

1 Are you a no-reply blogger?  When you leave a comment on somebody's blog, do you ever get a response back, or do you have to go back to their blog to check and see if they've responded?  Read more about it here.  It is one of the easiest things you can do.  You leave a comment on somebody's blog and you don't have to go back to see what they wrote.  They can reply by email to your comment, and you can reply back to them by email as well.  This my friends, is how blogging friendships are made.  Because ain't nobody got time to go back to each blog you commented on, to see if they've replied back.

2.  Respond to comments on your blog.  Nothing is more annoying than leaving somebody a nice comment or asking a question and never hearing back.  Now, I can see if you have a large blog and have tons and tons of comments, that it would be near to impossible to reply to each and every comment.  No judgement!  But I've seen bloggers with 3 or 4 comments, and they never, ever reply.  They also are probably busy, and that's okay, but... they better have an amazing blog, or chances are, I probably won't keep going back.

3.  Write about what you have a passion for.  It will show in what you write and those usually end up being the best posts.

4.  Be careful how much advertising you promote on your blog.  I understand that everyone wants to make a buck, and that's all good and fine.  But, make sure that readers can see what your blog is all about.  It's really hard to get a feel for someones blog if when you visit it for the first time, an advertising window pops up in the middle of the screen.  Then when you close that down and there are advertisements all up and down the side of their page, along the bottom and top of the post,  it's really distracting.  If I'm too overwhelmed and can't figure out what the blog is about... I'm usually out pretty quickly.

5.  Be yourself!  Tell your own story!  I don't want to read 5 blogs that are all the same.  Our lives don't all look the same, and that's what makes finding new blogs so fun to read.  I'm just one woman living out in Montana with her family, but in one day I can read about different women's lives from around the world.  Some are younger, older, single, have big careers or stay at home Mom's.  So yes, our lives might seem pretty different, but we are each just living our own story the best way that we can and how fun, that we get to share it with each other.

What would you add to this list?  


  1. Love the tips - especially about comments. I tend to go back to the blogs that acknowledge my readership and seem to want to engage with me, not just make a buck off my reading!!

  2. I love these tips and feel the same about #4. It really bothers me when it takes five minutes for a blog to load and they have a billion ads Haha! I hope your day is going great!

  3. Great tips, lady! Too much advertising is TOO much for me - I only like to read interesting/fun!

  4. Thank you thank you for these tips. I've been doing a little blogging just for myself really have no idea what I'm doing but thought it would be fun. lifewithmysanders.blogspot.com