Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday evening, Dan and I met up for dinner with both of my sisters, my brother, their spouses plus a couple of friends of ours.  We stopped down at our local bar and grill.  Which is probably the nicest in our little town.  We tried their Italian apple martini and it was really, really good. Yes, I said "really" twice.  It was that good!  ;) 

It was dark and my phone wasn't taking very nice pictures... oh well.  ;)

Saturday afternoon, we celebrated the twins 9th birthday at the bowling alley.  We love our cousins.

Dad stopped through and it looks like it must have been a cold motorcycle ride.  I don't think you could get me to go for a ride in February.  Eeek!

Sunday, it was back to the bowling alley after church.  It was the kids last day of bowling league.  It was their "fun day".  The league had pizza delivered, and us parents were able to bowl with the kids, which they loved.  

They loved bowling league, and I loved it, because it was something that they could all do together.  We only met up once a week and we didn't have to travel at all.  It was perfect!  Jesse is now trying to decide whether he wants to play baseball or not.  If not, I am hoping we can get our camper cleaned out, and organized in the next month or so, and start spending our weekends out and about.  I guess we'll see.

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