Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend fun

We had an incredibly busy, but fun weekend!  Gracie had her first dance on Friday!  She had so much fun and looked beautiful.  She was on cloud 9 when she got home.  Dan picked her up, per her request, since I had dropped her off.  I think he loved it when she started listing off all the boys names, that she got to dance with.  Hahaha!  Truly, we are so happy for her though. 

Saturday we were wrapping presents, playing the longest game of Crazy 8 EVER, and then we busted out the game of sorry.  The kids had never played it before, so I had picked it up from Walmart last week when I was out of town.  They love it.  Well, they love it now, that they've learned to relax a little and not take it so personally when one of their siblings sends them back to start.  The first couple of games they played, I thought I was going to have to throw this game away, before a WWF wrestling match broke out on my living room floor.  Ha!
 Thankfully, they can all play the game and enjoy it now.
 They have even learned to handle a little smack talk from each other as well.
It's fun to play games and cards with the kids, because they are old enough now that we can play our best and try to beat them, which rarely happens.  Our youngest who is 7 is pretty lucky, and more times than not, ends up beating us all. 

Sunday, the kids had practice for their Christmas concert at Church.  Then we went to church, ate a quick lunch and headed to the bowling alley.  The kids all decided to sign up for bowling league this year.  I love it, because we don't have to travel!  Wahoo!!! 

When we got home, it was already around 3:00 and I was tired.  But Emma wasn't.  ;)  So we went over to Mom's and grabbed the horses and went for a ride out in front of the house.  We rode around and through the field.  Emma did great.  Usually someone leads her horse, or we've let her ride by herself in the corral, but yesterday she rode all by herself the whole time.  A friend of ours rode in front of her and I rode behind her.  But she did great.  At one point her horse started to work up into a slow trot, but she pulled him back and brought him back to a walk.  Inside I started to panic a bit, but she did so well. 

It is such a bittersweet thing to see these babies of mine growing up!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well! 


  1. Oh I love that last photo Jenny. So beautiful. I haven't played Sorry for years! I used to love that game. We played Apples to Apples on Friday with some friends and their kids. Good times!

  2. Looks like fun times! Love the horse picture!