Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

...And just like that, Christmas is here!  :)

I always have great plans to be super organized and ready for when Christmas arrives.  Well, not this year folks.  Ha!  I'm making my grocery list this morning.  Eeek!  ;)

Saturday, Dan's parents came down and met us for lunch.  We exchanged gifts and visited a bit, before they headed back home.  And then later, we ended up going to 2 different movies.  Our town theater isn't open anymore unless somebody rents it out.  The local theater in town didn't have enough money to upgrade the equipment to play the new released movies, so it's just closed down most of the year.  :(  Anyway a couple of movies were playing last weekend, in memory of my grandparents who both passed away almost a year ago.  They would have loved it!
I hadn't seen Polar Express before, and was really excited.  I have always heard so many mixed reviews on it, but I ended up loving it!!!   As for Christmas Vacation, who doesn't love that one?! 

Sunday is crazy like every Sunday around here.  The kids had practice in the morning for their church Christmas concert and then they had the concert, went to bowling league... and I can't remember the rest of Sunday.  Ha!

Monday, I worked all day,  ran home and warmed up left overs, fixed Emma's hair and we all ran back to town for the kids school concert.  It was packed!  We had to stand in the back of the dark gym, so needless to say my pictures from my phone look awful.  When we got home, it was time to start baking cupcakes for Emma's class party.  And nope, they're not gluten free.  :)  At this point, I figured they were just going with Emma to school, so I didn't care. 

 Jesse, thankfully had only volunteered for apple juice.  I can do that!  ;) 

Yesterday, was the last day of school for the kids.  So today we are going to be enjoying our day and enjoying being with family!  We'll be going to our Church service tonight, which is always so neat.  I love teaching my kids that we celebrate, because our hope is in Jesus. 

I hope you all have the best Christmas ever!!!


  1. Super cute cupcakes! I can't believe your kids had school this week! Makes me sad you guys don't have a movie theater in town. But how sweet to have it open and dedicated to your grandparents.
    Merry Christmas Jenny!

  2. Jenny Merry Christmas. So love seeing the family. Miss our family holidays together so much. Also really jealous that uncle doug is able to make grandpa gills brown sugar syrup!!! YUMMMM i can't not remember the last time i had that yummy syrup. Love and merry christmas xoxo