Monday, December 8, 2014

A whirlwind

These last two weeks have been some what of a whirlwind!

We had a great time up in Kalispell with Dan's side of the family for Thanksgiving.  We decided to stay at a hotel again this year, because some years there isn't enough room for all of our family's to stay over.  Plus, it's nice to be able to let the kids swim and burn off some energy.
We ate turkey dinner, visited and cheered on the Seahawks!!!

In between kiddos being sick, and me filling in at the store a couple of days, we've gotten the inside and outside of our house all decorated.  Well, I worked on the inside while Dan worked on the outside.  I am so thankful that he takes over the outside decorating.  I don't find it fun at all, plus I don't particularly care for heights.
Yes... he rented a man lift again this year.  It's been a couple years since the last time he put up so many lights and the kids were so excited.  I snapped a picture on my phone of all the lights up, as I was coming home one night. 

Friday evening we headed over to Spokane for our annual girls shopping trip.  No kids, no men... just us girls.  My mom, sisters, and I head over and meet up with Aunts, cousins and a couple of friends.  This year there was 12 of us, as almost everyone was able to make it.  So much fun!!!

I happened to find a couple of early Christmas gifts at one of my favorite stores!  It is so fun to actually go in the store every once in a while, verses just shopping online.

Shopping with a coffee and looking at the beautiful lit up Christmas tree, definitely put me in the Christmas shopping mood!

Gracie has her first dance coming up and we just found out about it.  We weren't going to be out of town again for a while, so I had to hurry and find something for her to wear.  I found this blue dress at the Rack and think it will be perfect.  How do I have a middle schooler, who is getting ready for her first dance!  Ack!!!   

This is a picture that I took at Victoria's Secret after I had already been standing in line for 5 minutes.  My sister texted me to see where I was, so I sent her this picture.  It took me at least 15 minutes to get through the line.  It was crazy!!!  They said it was worse than Black Friday.  Great!  ;)

Everyone needs a good margarita after a long day of shopping right?!  This is our excited/goofy look when our drink arrived!  I think we'll have to work on this.  Ha!

This was definitely one table of crazy!  I love all the funny stories and things said when we all get together.  I am so blessed to be apart of a big crazy family.

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  1. Aw you were in Spo! They have a pretty good Nordstrom. Your house looks gorg with the lights! Love it!