Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back on

  We have been busy living life and at full speed, but I really want to blog again... so I'm back on.  I looked at the last post and it is from so long ago.  I'm not good at keeping a blog at all, but I love when I do it and can look back at old posts and remember things that we did.  In the last post we were still working on Gracie's room upstairs.  Which is done and looks great!  The kids love having their own rooms and space.  I will get some pictures up soon of the finished work.

  The kids and I have been staying in Missoula 2 days a week through out most of the summer.  Gracie is getting some help with her reading and we've been staying with my sister and her family which has been so nice to have a place to stay and to be able to hang out with them.

 Here we are at Apple Bee's the other day.

 Emma was trying pull herself up on Gracie to look taller than her big sister, and eventually they were both giggling.  I love it!  :)
 Here I am with Jesse.  My phone doesn't take the best pictures, but I'm just thankful when I remember to take pictures every once in a while.  We seem to run so much that I never get the camera out unless I have a photo session and then it's put away while we live life.  We are going up to my in-laws lake house this weekend and I'm hoping and crossing my fingers that maybe we can get a nice/decent family photo on the lake!  We shall see.  :)  

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