Thursday, November 15, 2012

Construction & Birthdays

Construction on Gracie's room has begun!  Yay!!!  We had extra space in our upstairs area which has been an oversized play area for the kids.  Gracie has been begging to have her own room for the last 2 years, so she is very excited about the construction.  She plans to make thank you cards to the construction workers and has already been giving them hugs!  :)  They have gotten this far in only 2 days and now it is time for the electrical part of things.  My brother-in-law Jared is an electrician so he's going to come this weekend and get everything ready, so that by Monday the workers can start the insulation and hanging the sheet rock. 

 They are building in a small entertainment center on this outside wall, so we can hang the tv and put away the xbox and other consoles.

This month has been a busy month of birthdays in our family.  Including Jesse who has turned 8.   I can't believe how fast his little life has seemed to fly by.  He seems like such a little man this year.  He feels for the most part that he's outgrown a lot of the kid toys.  He's not into the matchbox cars, figurines and such that he was last year.  This year he really likes his xbox games, sports of any kind (just like his Dad), and weapons.  His Christmas list includes a BB gun, a sling shot and a swiss army knife.  I think I am really going to miss matchbox cars and figurines!  :(

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