Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lazy day

Lazy day at home today.  Emma was sick last night, so her and I didn't get much sleep.  Now that she's finally down for a nap, I'm not as tired.  But I'm sure I will be by the time she gets up.  I know that she's only 4 and that she is still very little.  But to me this picture, just made her look even younger and I love it, because she is so independent and growing up so fast, that I just love for them to be little as long as they can.

I have been trying to pick up new healthy habits lately.  So even though it's not a huge thing, I've decided that I want to make sure that I'm drinking enough water everyday.  Here is a water bottle that I bought... now I just have to research how much I'm supposed to be drinking.

I have a bunch of things, that I want to master, but I think if I try them all at once, I'll forget or get burnt out.  So I'm just going to try and master 1 or 2 at a time.  Anything, from physical, spiritual, house keeping.... and hopefully as I keep going, I will be a more organized, healthy and happy person.

The snow has really been coming down lately.  I'm hoping to get outside after a while and try to take some pictures.  We've barely had any snow this winter, so it's kind of fun to get some, and the kids are excited to go sledding and play in it as long as it doesn't start to rain this weekend.

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