Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sick Day

Jesse stayed home yesterday from school as he wasn't feeling well.  He's always thinking, that boy.  He had come into our room the night before and told us that it was hard for him to breath.  Since he does get asthma sometimes when he is sick, I started asking some questions.  After a few questions we could tell that he just wasn't feeling good, but not in need of his nebulizer.  I asked him if it would help him, if he could sleep on the floor in our room.  He told us that it would, so we got him all settled with pillows and blankets.  We were just getting ready to close our eyes, and Jesse stretches and says, "Yeah, this is more like it."  Then continues to say, "There's a lot more fresh air in here!"  Not to mention that instantly his breathing was miraculously better!  :)

One of our lady's bible studies was last night.  This is the book that we've been using as our study guide this year.  
The lesson we finished last night, was about taking time to have a two way conversation.  One of my favorite quotes from that section is...  "Prayer isn't supposed to be talking to God, but talking with God."  I love the visual picture that, that quote gives me!

One of the lady's that came brought these...
They are SO good.  They are called Neiman Marcus Bars.  I am now the proud owner of the recipe!  :)  Mary stopped by as I was out at the bus stop and dropped off a plate full of them with the recipe!  Thank you Mary!  I will enjoy every single one of them, unless someone sneaks one when I'm not looking!  ;)

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