Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Yep, it's already the last Wednesday of the month.  Which means that I'm linking back up with Shay, Mel and Sheaffer to share my What's Up Wednesday post.  

This post always sneaks up on me... the months just seem to be over before I even realize it.
I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures to go with it.

 What we're eating this week

I'm just focusing on the feast that we'll be having on Thanksgiving.  The rest of this week... I'm just kind of winging it with easy stuff like spaghetti.  We might do pizza tonight... just keeping it easy.

What I'm reminiscing about

The holidays always do it, but I'm reminiscing about all of the holiday meals and fun with my grandparents.  I miss them so much! 

What I'm loving

I'm loving these cozy days.  I made it out of town yesterday and stocked up at Costco.  Today is the last day of school for the week, so I'm planning on us just hunkering down and getting cozy.  We've decided to stay home this year for Thanksgiving, so we don't expose Dan's side of the family to all of the different things we've been fighting off lately.

What we've been up to

We've been fighting off different colds.  
Gracie finished up her basketball season with her team taking 3rd place. 

We've been decorating the house.

And besides that, just doing our day to day stuff.  Nothing overly exciting.

What I'm dreading

I need to make some decisions.  I have no idea what I'm getting ANYBODY this year.  I've started my list a month ago and haven't nailed down anything yet.  We don't need anything, and I don't enjoy buying things just to buy them.  It was so much easier when my kids were little.  Big kids are hard to buy for.  Well, hard if you actually have a budget.  So this weekend, I'm hoping I can corner Dan and make him help me, make some decisions.  ;)

What I'm working on

I'm trying to finish putting out the last few Christmas decorations.  Every year, I feel that my decorating continues to get even simpler.  I love Christmas decorations, but I do NOT enjoy clutter or feeling claustrophobic because of excessive decor.  That's not a relaxing feeling... so simple it is.  You can see my Christmas decor from last year, in this post. 

What I'm excited about

I'm excited for a 4 day weekend at home!   Even though we're bummed to miss seeing Dan's side of the family for Thanksgiving, it will be nice to have some time at home.  I think I have only spent 1 or 2 Thanksgivings at home since I've married Dan, so I won't mind hanging with my side of the family either.  It seems like forever since I've been around for our big Pinochle tournaments, and wreath making.

What I'm watching/reading

We've started watching some Christmas movies and shows.  

As for reading, I just finished 'Promised To Me'. It is a fun and easy read.  I think I've read it a couple times before.  It was one that I pulled off of my bookshelf upstairs.  It's one I can read once every couple of years. 

And I just started 'Patterns of Love', last night, which was also one from my bookshelf.
These are part of the 'Coming to America' series.  And I didn't even read them in the right order this time.  I love the way Robin Lee Hatcher writes.  Can you imagine, just moving to the other side of the world, knowing there was a good chance you would never see your family again and letters would be your only means of communicating?  Eek!  I'm not that brave.

What I'm listening to

Nothing, and I love it!  It was a whirlwind this morning getting the kids out the door.  So I am soaking in the quiet right now.  Once they come back through that door this afternoon, the house will most likely not be quiet until Monday morning.  Ha!  So even though, I enjoy them being home (most of the time) I am enjoying the quiet. 

What I'm wearing

Right now... I'm still in my comfy's.  I'm gonna need 2 more cups of coffee before I feel like tackling the day.  This lady is tired!

What I'm doing this weekend

I'm hoping we'll get our Christmas lights hung up on the house.  And when I say I'm hoping we'll, I mean I'm hoping Dan will.  Haha!  I offered to help him do it when it was still warm outside.  He didn't think he had time, so now that it is freezing outside, he's finally pulled all of the boxes out.  

I will cheer him on from inside the house and keep the coffee nice and hot! 

What I'm looking forward to next month

I haven't had much time to think about it, but I'm excited for Dan and I to get away for a night.  He has a board meeting in Spokane in a couple of weeks and I get to tag along.  They are having a big dinner at this gorgeous historical hotel that will be all decked out in Christmas decorations.  It sounds so fun and festive... now I just have to figure out what I will wear. 

What else is new

I received my first Stitch Fix box last Friday.  I am hoping to share all about it next week!

 I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful and that you get to spend it with people you love.



  1. Good luck figuring all of the gifts out! That is the hardest part about Christmas, even though it should be easy. I hope your Thanksgiving is great!

  2. Ohhhhh. Share your stitch fix with us soon!! happy Thanksgiving

  3. Oh how I miss our holidays with you all and our grandparents☺️. Happy Thanksgiving xoxoxo

    1. We missed you guys too, Steph! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! xo

  4. The hubs and I never know what to get each other, or our parents. I think we should just shop for each other together and get what we want. :)