Monday, November 3, 2014

House tour

This morning as I was picking up the house after getting the kids off to school, I decided I would take a few pictures and give you a tour of our busy little house. 

This is our Master bedroom.  We built it fairly small since I didn't want it too big.  I wanted it nice and cozy.  I am hoping to repaint the walls in the near future.  I'm thinking of a dark brown for the top half of the wall and then leave the bottom half white. 
 Dan calls this bedding, "ugly and funky."  I wanted something different last spring, and I found this set on sale for $24.  So I will be looking for something else eventually, but I think it will do until I find exactly what it is we want.
This is my wedding bouquet that my Mother in Law had freeze dried and put in this frame.  They used to be pink, yellow and white roses 13 years ago.  I love having it in our bedroom.  I won't ask Dan what he thinks.  Ha!  Poor guy!  ;)
Someday I will find a better spot for my exercise bike, and then I would like some kind of a lounge chair and table to take it's place by these windows.  But for now... I need the reminder to exercise.

This is our living room, and the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. 
 The front door
The open door off to the right is my office.

The "Sisters are forever" sign is a gift from my sisters.  I'm still trying to figure out where I want to put it, so in the meantime, it's just sits here waiting for me.  My older sister actually made it, so that makes it special.  But besides that, it is so special to me because that was one of the things my Grandma Ole constantly told us... "Sisters are forever."  When we found out that we were pregnant with Emma and that she was going to be a girl, I was sooo excited and thankful that Gracie would have a sister.  My sisters are my best friends, and I want that so much for my girls.
 We don't put out a lot of fall decorations.  I like to put out a few to make it look festive, but not too many that it feels crowded or cluttered.

And here is my kitchen...  the busiest room in the house.
Dan and I built this house and moved into it 8 years ago.  We love our house!  There are things that we would probably change if we had a redo, but with us building on a budget and being 8 years younger than we are now, I'm sure that's to be expected.  ;)  

I picked up this sign a couple months back and to me it fits my family perfectly.


  1. Your living room looks so cozy! Love the fireplace. You totally need to find a new place for your bike! It should not be in your bedroom. ;)

  2. Wow! What a lovely house! I really love it. And holy cow, that view is gorgeous out of your windows!