Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dan's Birthday!

Yesterday we celebrated Dan's 39th birthday!  I have a whole year to plan his 40th!!!  I've got to think of something really good. 

He didn't have anything that he wanted for gifts, he just requested his favorite dinner.  Which happens to be chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and apple pie.  He's such a simple guy, he never needs or wants anything.  He's just so content.  Is it bad, that I've already been working on my own Christmas list of things I want/need!?!? 

I had something to drop off at his work, so on my way, I stopped by our favorite coffee stand and grabbed him something fun to drink. I may or may not have grabbed myself something fun to drink as well.  ;)

Later, I got home and got to work on the apple pie. 

 I am not much of a baker, but I got it done.  :)

They sure love their Dad. They fight for his attention every single night.  Whether it's playing a game of cards or tossing the football.  He is the best Daddy ever, and they know it!

Gracie was all dressed up for 80's day at school.

And this... well, it just makes my heart happy! 
I love books.  I love ordering books, especially when I get to sit in front of the hot fire to do so.  I want my kids to be just as excited about reading as I am.  Plus, I'm excited to get a few new Christmas books coming before the holidays! 

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  1. Your pie looks great! You should share the recipe. :) Happy birthday to your hubby! Yikes, 40 next year! You better get planning lady!