Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Miss Homebody

Today I am going to try and be a homebody.  The kids are off to school.  I've got my cup of coffee.  Sheets are in the wash machine, and the rest of the house is calling my name. 

Yesterday morning I got ready and headed out of town as soon as the kids were on the bus.  I needed to stock up at Costco and run a few other errands.  Dan is out of town this week for business and my sisters, Mom and I are headed to Hawaii next week (WAHOO!!!), so I decided I needed to stock up at Costco and make sure we were set for all this single parenting business.  ;)

I stopped in Old Navy to find a few new tops for Emma.  She has been growing and it was time to add a few things to her closet.  Sometimes I will find a couple things that I like, and sometimes I've found nothing that I care for.  Thankfully I stopped this time... they are having a sale and I thought I'd check it out.  I found so many cute tops for her and she loved everything that I picked.  That is a big win in my book! 

In other news... I signed up last week to become a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.  I can't wait to get my starter kit.  I have been hearing so many good things about them, that I am jumping on the band wagon.  If you use oils I would love to know what your favorite ones are and how you use them!  This will definitely be a learning process for me.  But one I am hoping will benefit my family.

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  1. Stop it. You're making me so jealous. I just want to be home right now so bad. Instead I'm sitting at my desk watching the minutes tick by until I get to go home.
    So jealous you're going to Hawaii! What a fun trip!
    I think you know what oils I love. So excited for you to get started!!