Monday, July 21, 2014

Montana Road Trip (Part 1)

  My sister Lindy and I decided that out families should take a Montana road trip this summer.  Most of the time when my family has traveled we have traveled out of state.  I don't know why, it just seems to be the way we gravitate.  My parents had taken us kids to see some of these things when we were little, but I was around 3 years old and don't remember any of it.  So it was way past time that I went again. 

 Our first stop was in Philipsburg.  It is a beautiful little town, and one of my favorite stops that we made. 

When we got into town, we found a place where we could look for sapphires.  We all had a blast doing this.  Even us big kids.  ;)

The sapphires are heavier than the pebbles so when you move them around in the water in this tank, they settle on the bottom of the box.  When you take the box outside and flip it over on the table, you should find most of the sapphires sitting on top of the pile in the middle.  
  None of our sapphires were really worth anything.  But we sure had fun looking.  We found enough  that all of the kids could save some in a small glass container of their own.
  We ate lunch at a really good little BBQ restaurant and then hit up the candy store.  They make fresh salt water taffy there, so the kids loaded up on sugar and we hit the road again.  Next stop... Bannack.  Which was probably my favorite stop of the whole trip.

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