Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthday Weekend

We have sure been busy!!!   We have had something going on every day since last Monday.   Thursday we took the kids down to the fair to ride rides with all of the cousins.

Friday was Emma's birthday, so we met up with Dan's parents for birthday lunch and then headed out to her party.  Since everyone was so busy with it being Labor Day weekend, we decided to just have a small kids party.  We just invited cousins, since there is enough of them on their own to make a small party. 

That night we went back down to the fair for dinner and stayed the night in our camper.  We haven't ever stayed down their before, but thought we'd give it a try.  We thought it might be something fun for Emma's birthday plus we were going down for the Rodeo one night, the auction the next morning, plust the Demo derby.   I think next year we'll skip the derby and maybe just do the rodeo.  If my knees weren't so bad, I think it would be so fun to barrel race.  Not in front of anybody!  Ha!  But just for my own fun!

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