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My name is Jenny, and here are a few random things about me.

I am a very simple, small town girl.  I was born and raised in Montana.  I have lived in the same small town my whole life.  When I say small, I mean drive almost 100 miles to get to the nearest McDonald's.  So pretty much out in the sticks.  

I am a follower of Christ.  I was baptized when I was in 4th grade, but it wasn't until many years later, that I truly found my own relationship with Christ.

I married Dan when I was 18.  I had just graduated high school, but somethings are just meant to be.  We've been married for 15 years, and I'm now a Mama to 3 beautiful kids, and I feel very blessed.

I am a photographer at heart.  I started up and ran a small photography business for 3-4 years, but decided to close it down.  I realized that I was missing out on too much time and too many moments with my kids.  The extra money was nice, but nowhere near as important as being more present with my kids.

I am a horseback rider, who is kind of afraid of riding horses.  I love to ride, but am also fearful of getting hurt.  I end up riding, and praying most of the ride for safety for all involved.  I've seen and heard about too many accidents, not to have a bit of fear, but I love it too much to stop.

I am a bookworm.  Give me a good book and I will forget that I need to do laundry, make dinner or even acknowledge that people are present.  My husband LOVES this trait.  Haha!  ;)

The ocean, traveling, good Mexican food, and iced tea are all my love languages.  Put them all together and you have my heart!

My days are usually packed full with laundry, getting the kids to and from school & events, trying to keep the house clean, taking or editing photos, and when I get a few minutes of down time... I read!

This blog is a way for me to document "Our busy little life."  



  1. HI Jenny,
    Joining you from Kelly's Korner. I know just what you mean about horses. I love them, I'll ride them but I'm afraid I'll get hurt riding them. Your small town life sounds idealic. Even if your are 2 hours from McDonalds. Now if you said Target or Starbucks, it just might be a deal breaker. But on second thought, two hours isn't that long of a drive. You have. Lovely family.

  2. Hi Jenny!!! So happy to find your sweet blog. Did you design your header or purchase it? I love the rustic look and clean, simple design. I'm trying to find a new look for mine. You are such a cute, young mama...that's awesome. You'll get to be a young grand-mama too!❤️

  3. Jenny, forgive me for that last statement, you are not the owner of the 10 on the 10th. My bad!!!