Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Life Lately

  Time always flies by and I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted on here.  Gracie went to her Junior Prom last month, so I wanted to make sure and post a couple of pictures of her.  Plus the other two kiddos have been equally as busy, and I figured it was a good morning to get my blog caught back up.

 So here we go...

We have a small high school, so Prom is open to all 4 grades.  I love this red dress that she picked for her Junior Prom.  The first two years that she went to Prom, we were given dresses by friends and family for her to use.  This year I wanted to take her shopping and let her pick out something instead.  It just fits her personality so well, and she loves it!
 Gracie and Belle are 8 months apart and have always had a close cousin bond... almost like sisters. :) Our younger sister came to visit and brought her daughters over to see their cousins all dressed up.  They ran to the dress up box to get all fancied up as well.  I love that we got this picture of them!

The photographer at prom snapped a couple cute pictures as well!

Gracie and her date.  They decided to go to Prom together just as friends, but since he'd already ordered his suit... they didn't match.  Instead, they looked very patriotic. ;) 

And of course, I needed one picture with my girl!

While my nephew was in town over his Spring Break, I asked him to teach Emma how to handle and shoot a gun.  She's wanting to hunt this year, and we are signing her up for Hunters Safety, but I still wanted to get her out, and give her some experience now.

Coco turned a year old in February!  She has been such a sweet pup!

Emma joined the play at school, and was a frog.  It was a cute version of Alice and Wonderland.

And then basketball, my friends.  So much basketball! 
 Jesse finished up his 8th grade year of basketball and then signed up for a couple of 5 on 5 tournaments... as well as Emma.

We packed up the car and headed out of town last weekend for the final tournament.
 A customer of Dan's let us stay at their cabin.  It is such a pretty place along the river, tucked back in the trees. It was so nice to have a place to hang out in between all of the games.

Our view headed back home!  We love Montana, especially once all the snow has melted and the weather starts to warm back up!
 Emma started softball Monday, and we are onto the next thing!  Always busy around here.

Poor Gracie has studied hard, and headed to school this morning to take her ACT's.  I'm praying that she stays calm and does her best! No pressure at all, right?! ;) 
Well, I know that was a lot of randomness, but I know of no other way to get it all on here besides just pouring it out.  Bless you, if you made it through all that. ;)

Life always seems busy.  I don't know that we've had a season for a while, where it doesn't feel like something is happening.  Between the 3 kids and their different activities... there just isn't that rest yet.  But I see how fast it is all going, so I am trying to soak it up and be thankful for the busy.  Some days, I feel a little like Dori, off of Nemo.  "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming."

 I miss you all and hope you are well and good!



  1. Oh my word... your kids are so big. Love all the beautiful prom pictures. Just keep swimming, girlfriend XO

  2. Yes, Jenny, just keep swimming as these years will be over so quickly and you really will get to rest. I promise! What great memories you all have been busy making. Love that picture of the dog, so, so cute!