Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

 Hey there!
Today is the last Wednesday of the month, and I'm sharing all about what we've been up to this month.  Once again I'm linking up with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer.

I've been in a huge blogging rut, and I'm hoping to snap out of it soon.  I'm still trying to catch up on all of my blog reading.  I guess I just needed to unplug for a bit.  As unintentional as it was, I think it was good for me to step back and focus on a few other things.

What we're eating this week

Steak & potatoes

That's as far as I've gotten this week.

What I'm reminiscing about

The end of the school year is just around the corner, and I can't help but think back to the first day of the school year.  Is it just me or has it flown by?!

What I'm loving

 I stocked back up on my Bobbi Brown foundation, and I'm loving it.  Starting out, it's $50 and then to get a refill it's $30.  It's the perfect amount of coverage for me.

What we've been up to

Jesse is finishing up his track season.

Gracie is getting ready for her final drive next week.

We went camping last weekend and had a great time.

My parents are putting in a dock, and a couple of us ladies were testing out the beginning stages of it.

Hurry up Summer!

What I'm dreading

Dan and I are getting ready for our trip, and as excited as we are, we always dread leaving the kids.  Once we get there, we're usually fine.  But the getting ready to leave them hurts my Mama heart.  It doesn't matter that they are 14, 12 & 9.  They're still my babies.  They are staying with my sister while we are gone, and my Mom is next door, so they are in good hands, but it's still hard to leave them for a week.  All that said, I do think it's good for Dan and I to go and just have time to ourselves.  But gosh darn it... this Mom guilt is hard.  Anyone else feel bad taking trips without their kiddo's?

What I'm working on

Spring cleaning.  Tell me someone else is still Spring cleaning, and that I'm not the only one.

What I'm excited about


What I'm watching/reading

 I'm still watching Gilmore Girls... and I love it!

I have a few books that I need to read, but I haven't started on any of them yet.  I blame it all on the Gilmore Girls.  I didn't read one book this whole month.  Who am I?  ;)

What I'm listening to

I've been listening to, Even If, by Mercy Me.

My favorite part is....

"You've been faithful, You've been good
All of my days
Jesus, I will cling to You
Come what may
Cause I know You're able
I know You can"

It's such a pretty song!  If you haven't heard it yet, be sure to.

What I'm wearing

It's Spring in Montana...

Layers would probably be the best way to describe what I'm wearing lately.  Plus my converse are getting their use.  I'm still loving them/

What I'm doing this weekend

Dan and I fly out Friday afternoon for Jamaica!  We will pull the girls out of school to watch Jesse's last track meet, and then we'll hand the kids off to my sister and hit the road.

What I'm looking forward to next month

Next month is the last month of school.  I love the last month of school!  There seems to be tons of field trips, field days, class plays, etc.  It just seems fun for the kids.  Also, just knowing that I am down to the last couple weeks before the kids are home for the summer, I'm usually motivated to get the house and myself organized and ready!

What else is new

I've just recently started getting chiropractic adjustments.  I'm going to be driving up to get adjusted by my brother in law, twice a week for a few weeks.  I'm not looking forward to the long drives, but if he can help my back, it will be well worth it.

Well, that's it for today.  I'm heading out of town this morning to take Gracie to a quick Orthodontist appointment, before hurrying back home in time for her afternoon classes. 

Enjoy your day!



  1. Wow you are going to Jamaica! I understand how you feel about leaving your kids. We are going away for a few days in June too and my kids will be with my in-laws!

  2. No mom guilt here! But, we do find ourselves talking about the kids or buying them gifts when we go on holiday together. Have so much fun!

  3. I've missed your blog posts! Pizza and Tacos this week sound like the best thing. Camping is always so much fun, glad you had a great time. Trips away from the kids are really hard and I'm like you, once we're there it's a lot easier. Enjoy your time in Jamaica and your time with your husband. I always try to look at it like this, my little ones are making memories with their grandparents etc while hubby and I are making ours. And those welcome back hugs are pretty awesome to come home to <3 Beautifully Candid

  4. Been missing you but completely understand! I have kind of been in a funk all week this week! I hope you have the best time on your trip. The leaving is the hardest but I know it will be such a lovely time for you all! Xoxo Erin

  5. The school year HAS flown by! I feel like it was JUST the first day of school and now Lilly is about to graduate. Have so much fun in Jamaica! I'm in need of a beach trip. We planned a trip to NY I'm excited about, but I really need the beach! I go to my chiropractor once every 4-8 weeks and it really helps my back and neck. Good luck!

  6. Don't feel bad about taking a blog break-we all need them every once in awhile! Have so much fun on your trip!!! I can't wait to see pictures!

  7. We have a ways to go before school ends but I hear you about the summer fun starting. Have a terrific trip!!

  8. Wow, I'm so excited that y'all are going to Jamaica. I know what you mean about getting anxious about leaving the kids.

  9. Oh, stick with your chiropractic treatments, they will work. I had such a bad lower back problem 8 years ago and after all else failed, I went to a Chiropractor and after about 7 months I was pain free. I now go 2x a month for maintenance and will the rest of my life. So happy for you and your Hubby getting away. It's good to pause and have a time of refreshment with just each other.

  10. I totally remember seeing that pic of your kids at the beginning of the year. Makes it seem like it went by fast. I hope you and Dan have a wonderful time and you can forget the mom guilt. I get it, I didn't even like to leave them with a sitter for an evening. What's wrong with us? ;)

  11. I can't believe you leave for Jamaica soon! You are going to have the best time! So jealous! I looove the chiropractor! I haven't been going because of the kids, but it's one of my favorite things.

  12. Your kids look so sweet! I hope you are enjoying some adult time in Jamaica!! :)

  13. That camping picture is amazing!! I have had that Even If song on repeat lately. My favorite part is this:

    But God, when You choose
    To leave mountains unmovable
    Give me the strength to be able to sing
    It is well with my soul