Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Dan and I went to Maui, Hawaii in May to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. It was so fun!  I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, so now that's one thing that I can cross off my bucket list. Actually I was able to cross off a few things off my list!

 I never get my picture taken since I'm usually the one taking the pictures, but Dan took a few of me this trip... so here I am!  ;)  We borrowed my mom's camera so that way I wouldn't have to haul around my big camera.  The quality of the pictures aren't as good... but it was fun just having a point and shoot to throw in my bag.

 We would get up really early every morning, stop and grab a coffee, cresant and walk this beach while the sun rose.  It was sooo relaxing! 
 This was the boat that we took for our "Champagne Cruise."  It's a sunset cruise, so I thought it would be so romantic especially when they tell you there will be drinks and appetizers.  Well, we got on the cruise and I don't remember them ever mentioning champagne in our list of choices for beverages.  They had a couple hard drinks and some beer.  The appetizers were chips and salsa and later some bbq sandwich.  Haha!  It was fun, and sailing was another thing on my bucket list, but not as romantic as I thought it would be.  Ha!
 Here is part of our hotel, and the pool that we hung out at when we weren't on the beach.  There were other pools on the resort, but this one seemed the quietest, so it was our favorite.
As much fun as we had, we missed the kids the whole week that we were gone.  Next time, I think we are going to have to take them with us.  Won't be as quiet and relaxing, but then I won't have to miss them the whole time!  :)

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